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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you can and we consider the student the most important person on our site. You can register and then please contact us through our online contact form or reach out to moderators. Let us know you are a student and would like to contribute articles.

No. With all the rapid changes in technology, techniques, and workflow, we are all students. Independent and professional filmmakers can use our website to take their craft to the next level and stay abreast of changing technologies. You are welcome to join, learn and support, and grow with us. Our motto is, “Never Stop Learning.” We also believe in connecting services, manufacturers, and filmmakers of all levels to help further advance the artistry of motion picture production.

Yes, absolutely. As long as it’s film related, or related to the Film, Video, Broadcast, Photo, or Digital Media industries.

Yes, please use the contact us form and we will contact you.

Please use our online contact us form and our team will reach out to you within 24 hours.

A: We do Beginner, Professional Training and Continuing Education Workshops that cover topics within all 5 stages of filmmaking: Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post Production, and Distribution. This includes workshops covering cameras, lighting, audio, post production, screenwriting, film business and more. You can get workshop updates by registering or signing up for our enewsletter.

Yes, please use our online contact form. Send us your contact information, and topics you’d like to write about.

Yes, there are many sections you can post your video.

Yes, we cover costs for printing and distribution, as well as workshops and other activities by selling advertising. Anyone can advertise as long as it relates to the Film, Video, Broadcast, Photo, or Digital Media industries.

Yes, we have many sections for that: Register on our homepage and create a profile with your information including links to your crowdfunding project to get started.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us through online contact form.

Please fill in all the fields in the online form with appropriate information when registering.

If your registration or login was not approved or subsequently removed, it may be due to incomplete or incorrectly filled details in our online form. We are committed to creating a secure and respectful environment for professional development, and as such, we uphold specific standards for membership and registration:

  1. Accurate Personal Information: We ask that you provide your authentic name and email address. This is crucial for the integrity of our member verification process and for facilitating reliable communication within our community.

  2. Constructive and Relevant Bio: Your biography should reflect your professional interests or experiences in filmmaking. We encourage openness and sincerity in this section. Bios that are incomplete or non-constructive may hinder the approval process. The bio doesn’t need to be detailed, but should meaningfully convey your connection or interest in filmmaking.

Our focus is on nurturing a dedicated community for enthusiastic filmmakers. This policy helps us protect the platform from unauthorized and disruptive elements, ensuring that our members can enjoy a productive and professional networking environment. If you feel that there has been an oversight in the evaluation of your application, we welcome you to revisit your submission, ensuring it aligns with these guidelines, and apply again.