Filmmakers Network Spotlight – Camera Assistant Andreina Boada

Filmmakers Network - Camera Assistant Andreina Boada

Camera Assistant Andreina Boada

Body of Work

Since 2013, I’ve been working in projects such as short films and feature films as Camera Assistant, PA, Lighting Assistant, and recently, I’ve been working as background talent in films trying to create my path here in the USA as a filmmaker.

Current Projects

My goal is to work in film industry in the USA. I’d like to work with a sci-fi short film script that I wrote a few years ago. But more immediately, I’m looking for new opportunities as a Production Assistant and Camera Assistant.

Production Work

Working in production, it means a lot to me. It is creating something from nothing. It is very hard work. When you’re at the beginning phases of a project – whether you can visualize the final product or not – still, you know that you are working to create something powerful in which people can enjoy and can reach their feelings.

When I work in the camera department, it’s very rewarding, being there and help the magic happen. For me, it’s something that has a lot of energy in me. I describe it as: on the set, it’s where I feel more alive than in other times or places. I was born to be on the set. It is where I can express better myself.

Filmmakers Network Spotlight - Camera Assistant Andreina Boada

(2013) Producer – Beyond The Sea 

(2014) Lighting Assistant – Kenny 

(2014)Director Of Photography – Amalia y Rafa 

(2014) Camera Trainee – Kenke


(2015) Camera Assistant – The Candy Box

Official Selection Short Film Festival Corner- Festival de Cannes 2016


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